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How to boost the signal strength of your USB dongle

Hey guys…another fun post after a long time. Like most of you I use a USB dongle (from MTS, a service provider in India) to connect to the internet highway and many times signal strength is left to the mercy of the service provider’s network coverage. What if you go to place equipped with your broadband dongle, all excited to be connected to the internet highway during your holidays, only to get a rude shock that you hardly able to manage one or two network bars. Yeah, I know the scenario sounds quite familiar. But what if I were to tell you that you can whip up something of your own to give your signal strength that extra push. Sounds interesting, right…

So here’s the deal, for the past week I’ve arrived at a place where my USB dongle can hardly manage 2 network bars which got me really frustrated. It was like going back to stone-age. Can you imagine even Google took more than a minute load. Here is the screenshot of the signal strength which I managed to get:-

MTS USB dongle initial signal strength.(2 network bars)

But then I remembered reading something about signals and antenna and some other boring stuff during the 2nd year(sophomore year) of my undergraduate study. So what I did was to use the towel rack beside my table and use it as a antenna to boost the signal strength of the USB dongle.

I used this (a towel rack, used to dry clothes) :

Towel Rack

to do this :

Dongle Placement

and finally managed to get the following signal strength.

MTS Dongle with full network strength

This is just one of the many ways with which you can boost your signal strength. In some cases you can wind 5-6 copper wires along the metallic connector of the dongle and the USB cable.

You will be surprised to find many such simple yet effective tricks to get the work done. If you have any ideas about how to further boost signal or your criticisms about this post, please leave a comment mentioning them and I will incorporate them in the next post.

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